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Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Design

*Note: Graphic Design MA and Circular Design Ma accept applications only for fall term. 

*Note: Design and Technology Futures MA accepts applications only for the 2nd year of Master’s.

Faculty of Fine Arts

*Note: Animation department accepts applications only on MA level and only for fall term or for the full academic year.

Faculty of Art and Culture

*Note: Theoretical programmes are conducted in the Estonian language. It’s possible to apply if you aim to carry out an individual research project.

Doctoral School of EKA*

*Note: Acceptance is based on your individual research plan.

School building

Since 2018 EKA has been situated in a new top notch building, which is located in an inspiring environment at Kalamaja and a short walking distance from Tallinn’s Old Town and Telliskivi Creative City. EKA staff and students have come a long way to receive the new building as for a decade the departments were scattered around the city between several buildings due to the many obstacles in finding a location for the campus. However now it has paid off and the people of EKA are back again under one roof. 

Besides the administrative offices, classrooms and open study area for students, the building contains a lot of new opportunities for its residents like numerous well-equipped workshops and studios, which are available for use to all the students in EKA. Also, a gallery which hosts exhibitions of students’ works as well as creations of artists from outside year round and where people from the street can stop by for a look. The best library specialising in art in Estonia is the one in EKA, where students can quietly focus on their studies with the help of thorough selection of books and scientific literature. All the remarkable works of our students are collected by the EKA’s own museum, which aims to store, explore and introduce EKA’s valuable art collection to fellow citizens as well as future generations. 

All classrooms in EKA are equipped with both touch screens for professors and plugs for students’ laptops. Also there are separate classrooms filled with computers for students if classes dedicated for study work as such are held. However, if in need of further technical equipment for study work like video and photo cameras, screens, batteries, speakers etc, the students are welcome to turn to EKA’s rental on the 1st floor. 

EKA is not just about work and studies, it also offers its residents a possibility to relax and clear their mind. Students can breathe some fresh air and if possible enjoy the weather up on the rooftop balconies or in the courtyard, let off some steam while playing pingpong with friends, have a meal or two in the local canteen and take part in social events runned by fellow students or staff members.

Academic calendar

Academic year 2023/2024

Official duration: 28.08.2023 – 14.06.2024
Fall semester: 28.08.2023 – 28.01.2024
Spring semester: 29.01.2024 – 14.06.2024

Fall semester:
14.08-30.08.2023 Estonian language and culture course for international students
28.08.2023 – The beginning of the fall semester

04.09.2023 – The beginning of the studies in the fall semester
23.10. – 27.10.2023 – Specialty Elective Week (no regular classes)
18.12. – 22.12.2023 Specialty evaluations week
23.12.2023 – 07.01.2024 Winter break
15.01. – 26.01.2024 – Specialty Elective Weeks (no regular classes)
28.01.2024 – The end of the fall semester 

Sping semester:
29.01. – 02.02.2024 – The beginning of the spring semester. First meetings with speciality departments.
03.02.2024 – Information session for new exchange students
04.02.2024 – Welcome event for exchange, international and buddy students
05.02.2024 – The beginning of the studies in the spring semester
25.03. – 28.03.2024 -Specialty Elective Week (no regular classes)
20.05. – 24.05.2024 – Speciality evaluations week
14.06.2024 – The end of the spring semester studies


Academic year 2024/2025

Official duration: 26.08.2024 – 24.08.2025
Fall semester: 26.08.2024 – 26.01.2025
Spring semester: 27.01.2025 – 24.08.2025

Fall semester:
12.08-28.08.2024 Estonian language and culture course for international students
26.08.2024 – The beginning of the fall semester

02.09.2024 – The beginning of the studies in the fall semester
21.10. – 25.10.2024 – Specialty Elective Week (no regular classes)
16.12. – 20.12.2024 Specialty evaluations week
23.12.2024 – 05.01.2025 Winter break
13.01. – 24.01.2025 – Specialty Elective Weeks (no regular classes)
26.01.2025 – The end of the fall semester 

Spring semester:
27.01. – 31.01.2025– The beginning of the spring semester. First meetings with speciality departments.
03.02.2025 – The beginning of the studies in the spring semester
24.03. – 28.03.2025 – Specialty Elective Week (no regular classes)
19.05. – 23.05.2025– Speciality evaluations week
13.06.2025 – The end of the spring semester studies

Photo: Kaido Kruusamets

Study platforms


The Study Information System Tahvel is an online database where information on the university students’ studies is stored and made available. Exchange students can use Tahvel for:
– checking your timetable
– checking the courses in your declaration
– checking your study results

The system is accessible for exchange students via login details (username and password), which will be sent to each student individually at the beginning of a  new semester.


Moodle is an e-learning platform for EKA students. It can be used for:

  • to share course learning materials, which may include text, photos, video, and audio files.
  • to facilitate learning by using dictionaries, self-tests and references to material on the web
  • for communication between students and teachers and for communication between students through the Forum
  • to assess learners through tests and assignments
  • for course administration (management of learners and learning outcomes, statistics on learners’ activities)

The use of Moodle depends on courses taken in EKA, so in case you need login details, please turn to Riina Laaneveer ( in the Academic Affairs Office. 

Although Tahvel and Moodle are the main online study tools for students and staff members in EKA, there are many other platforms which might come in handy: Slack, Zoom, Slido, Miro etc. 

Grading system

EKA operates in the ECTS system. 

The subject grades are differentiated (exams, graded assessments) on a scale of one to six, or not differentiated (assessments). Positive results are grades A to E and “passed”. The negative result on exams and graded assessments is the grade of F; and on assessments, a grade of “failed.”

NB! Please be noted that most of the practical courses and electives in English are assessed as Pass/Fail and it cannot be changed individually for students who need grades (A-F).

Students must pay attention to removing themselves from courses, which are not taken, but originally registered in the declaration in Tahvel. Without the removal, the course will be assessed as “Not participated” at student’s Transcript of Records. Please turn to Kaija Põder (kaija.põ to remove yourself from courses in Tahvel. 


All our BA programmes are officially in Estonian language, however, we do not expect our exchange students to speak Estonian and instead they are integrated in practical courses, where teachers guide international students individually in English or the group work language will be changed into English. In addition there are also several MA programmes available fully in English and we offer theoretical and practical optional subjects in English as well. The list will be announced prior to the beginning of a semester.
(example can be seen on the EKA website).