EKA shares a dormitory together with the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The dormitory is called Muusa Majutus and it is conveniently located right in the city centre, Kuhlbarsi street 1. Their website is

The exact prices for the bed depends on the student’s room choice, but it varies in the range of 85€-230€ per month. In addition, students can book themselves a sauna, practice room or a studio for a small fee in case of interest. 

Persons residing in the student accommodation have to purchase or bring along bed linens, dining utensils and kitchen utensils, as well as various cloths, brooms and cleaning agents.

PS As the dormitory can not house all the exchange students, therefore we advise to book a place immediately after receiving an official acceptance letter from EKA. 

Private housing

It is common among international students to share bigger flats in the city centre. Rental prices in the centre may be a bit more expensive but one can cut costs and time on transportation. Splitting the rent among friends may offer an opportunity to find great accommodation at an affordable price.

Prices can vary widely depending on the location, number of rooms and facilities offered. On closing a rental deal, be prepared to pay a larger sum as landlords normally ask up front the rent for the first month, deposit and broker’s admission in case the landlord uses a broker. Generally, it is the equivalent of three months’ rent. One month’s rent (the deposit) will be returned to you upon your departure if the accommodation is left in acceptable condition.

Most popular ways to find private rooms or flats in Tallinn are scrolling through Facebook groups and internet websites dedicated to real estate ads. It has been advised not to change the language on those pages into English as some advertisements might not be visible then (use google translator for example). In addition, as the best offers are commonly found via local acquaintances and fellow students, we advise you to look for accommodation via EKA student groups. 

Websites for private housing:

PS Recently there has been scams among international students regarding their  housing arrangements in Estonia, so we advise you to stay alert and avoid any pre-payments before arrival.

Photo: Kaido Kruusamets


The Old Town

Just a short walking distance from EKA you can find yourself in the oldest part of Tallinn – the Old Town, which has been included to the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997 thanks to its authentically preserved medieval architecture and exceptional intake of 13th century city map. 

Wandering around the cobblestone streets in the Old Town is a favourable leisure activity among local people and tourists, especially during the famous events like the Old Town Days, Medieval Days and Christmas Market in the Town Hall Square. In addition, the Old Town is filled with different restaurants, galleries, theatres, museums, pubs and clubs, which makes it easy to occupy one’s day hour by hour without stepping a foot outside of the stone walls governing the Town all around. 

Uus Maailm

Until the mid 19th century known as a meadow of Kristiine, the Uus Maailm or “New World” in English is yet another bohemian district in Tallinn, where nowadays relaxed and open minded people love to live. Like Kalamaja and Kadriorg it mostly consists of small wooden houses, but here you can also find unique examples of Stalinism architecture, which were built after World War II destruction. 

Even if you do not live in Uus Maailm, it is still worth a visit, especially in September, when a beloved street festival takes place. You can eat, you can buy hand-crafted accessories, but most importantly it is a great place where to enjoy the autumnal sunshine together with friends while live music is playing in the background. 


As the university campus is situated on the border of Kalamaja, the district is a popular place for living among EKA students. One of the oldest districts in Tallinn, Kalamaja has recently gained a wide popularity among creatives and those young at heart, which in turn has made the area full of bohemia spark and filled with cute little cafes and pubs. 

Former industrial complexes and historical wooden houses call for a stroll even if you are not living there yourself. During the daylight you can wander around a deserted prison called Patarei, have a sauna and ice swim (in winter) experience in Noblessner, visit those innovative museums in town like the PROTO Invention Factory, Energy Discovery Centre and the Seaplane Harbour or enjoy a meal and drinks in the one of the many cafes in the Telliskivi Creative City. The latter is also a great place to buy some Estonian design crafts. 


Historical wooden houses, seven museums, closeness of the seaside and the ensemble of the only Baroque palace in Estonia together with a park make it a great neighbourhood for people, who are interested in nature, but also fancy filling their free time with culture and history. Elegant restaurants and cute cafes make the stroll so much more enjoyable, whether it is day or night. 

When living in Kadriorg, it is not rare to meet politically important people in the Kadriorg park, because in the heart of it you can find the Estonian Presidential Palace, where the Estonian President is working and meeting guests daily. 

The museums which are situated in Kadriorg Park are Kumu Art Museum, Museum of Eduard Vilde, Peter the Great House Museum, Mikkel Museum, Kadriorg Art Museum, Children’s Museum Miiamilla, Kadriorg Museum-Library. 


Kristiine is just one train stop away from EKA, which makes it a comfortable and yet budget-friendly neighbourhood for students. A very versatile architecture makes it an interesting place to live as you may find yourself admiring old summer manors, typical Soviet time panel houses, small private properties and newly built glass towers simultaneously, while taking a walk along the district. 

Just in the centre of it there is a big shopping mall named Kristiine Keskus, which offers numerous shops and restaurants for its visitors and cuts the need to make a journey somewhere far away to purchase all the things necessary. Though if needed, you can find a suitable public transport easily as the bus stop right in front of the mall is the busiest in town offering a wide range of buses to get on depending on your destination.