The student fills out the application form in which they name their top partner university choices and add their portfolio and motivation letter.

  • There are no requirements for a portfolio! However, a motivation letter has to be addressed to the EKA’s scholarship committee and should explain your selection of partner universities as well as state the reasons on why you have decided to go on exchange studies.
  • The motivation letter can be either in Estonian or English.
  • In a month’s time the International Office announces the EKA Scholarship Committee’s decision regarding the students application (the receival of scholarship and if applicable, school choices). The student is notified via email.

The student must confirm their continual interest in exchange studies and if willing to apply to the given partner universities.

  • If the student agrees, the International Office nominates the student to the selected partner universities aka provides them information about the student contact details.

After the nomination, the student can start applying to the partner universities according to each university’s conditions.

  • Students are responsible of submitting their application to partner univertisites on time.
  • IRO assists the student with the documents required for application or any questions that arise.
  • In general, partner universities announce the results regarding exchange applications in a month’s time

Upon admission, the student has to inform the International Office about it and confirm their place at the partner university.

Before exchange studies

After the student has confirmed their place at the partner university, the EKA International Office will provide the student with necessary information to qualify for the Erasmus + program and receive the allocated scholarship. This means meeting the following requirements:


The student completes the OLS (Online Linguistic Support) language test, which can be accessed via a link sent by the International Office upon acceptance.


If possible, the student fills in the Online Learning Agreement (OLA), which confirms the subjects to be taken at the host university during exchange studies. The invitation for filling the agreement will be issued by the International Office.


The student needs to fill in the Mobility Form on EKA’s website, which allows the International Office to compose their grant agreements. The link will be given to the student via email.

  • In case of fewer opportunities, the student presents a respective certificate via email to the International Office. The certificate needs to be submitted before the grant agreements are composed.
  • The International Office composes student’s grant agreements according to the Mobility Form and the Letter of Admission issued by the partner university.
  • The grant agreements are sent to the student for a review and signing via email.

Once the grant agreements are signed and student has done the OLS language test, the scholarship is due to be paid to the student’s bank account.

During exchange studies


While on exchange studies, students need to keep in order their Online Learning Agreements (OLA):

  • In case a student did not submit the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) prior to exchange studies, the virtual form needs to be filled in after the arrival to the host university.
  • If OLA was secured before the start of the exchange studies, but changes in the selected courses take place after arrival in the host university, the student is obliged to register the changes also in the Online Learning Agreement. The initial OLA can be adjusted at the same website, which was used in the first place.
  • Students need to be noted that it is important to register all changes in their OLA  as the Transcript of Records, which is issued by the host university after the end of exchange studies,  needs to correspond to it!

After exchange studies

After the end of their physical mobility, students are liable for completing their Erasmus+ mobility at the International Office as well. This has to be done within a month from the end date of their mobility and whereas successful completion is a premise for the final payment of Erasmus+ scholarship.

Erasmus+ mobility is completed by meeting the following requirements:

After the end of exchange studies, a student needs to present the EKA International Office the following documents:

  • Confirmation of your exchange period. The document has to confirm the start and finish date of student’s exchange studies and signature of the host university. The duration should match with the initial period stated in student’s grant agreements, but in case of changes, the duration can not be shorter than 2 months (60 days).
  • Transcript of records (study results). The document is usually issued directly by the host university on their own template. It has to contain the course names in English, ECTS credit points or the description of how to transfer the local grades/credit points into the ECTS system. It has to be signed and stamped by the host university.

In addition each student needs to submit the Erasmus+ participant survey. The email invitation will be sent directly by the EU system after a student’s exchange period has ended.


Each student is obliged to transfer their exchange results to EKA (except recent graduate participants)

For this the student needs to fill in a recognition form (find HERE; eesti keeles SIIN) and send it to your head of the speciality department for further processing (comments and signature). It might be that he/she wants to meet you in person for further explanation and(/or to see in person the work you did while on mobility.

Once you receive the signed form, please fill in the RPL (eesti keeles VÕTA) in Tahvel (under “Studies”). In the RPL you need to attach your mobility certificates (seek the exact certificates below) and signed recognition form. 

  • in case of exchange studies – Transcript of Records and Confirmation of Stay;
  • in case of traineeship – Learning Agreement After the Mobility         




Students, who have met all the conditions listed above and transferred min. 15 credits/semester to EKA,  will get nominal study time extension according to the semesters spent abroad (1-2).

NB! Students who spend their last semester abroad and wish to have their nominal time extended, have to be especially careful not to be late with their credit point transfer application. You will find the deadlines from the academc calendar:


In case of interest in doing traineeship in the EU while studying in EKA, a student does not have to apply for a scholarship at the moment and instead can count on the Erasmus+ scholarship if their study results in EKA are under control. This means a student is free to look for a host institution on their own and once it has been found the International Office must be informed.

  • Mobility registration and conditions to be met are similar to exchange students, but the exact information will be given by the International Office after the host institution has been confirmed with them.
  • NB If  a global traineeship or recent graduate traineeship is on the agenda, please apply for Erasmus+ scholarship at one of the calls organised by EKA.